A B O U T  U S

An Ångstrom is the size of a molecule, the minimum measure of the vital bond.
People are what they are by relating in groups, in societies, in networks that influence and are influenced.
Relationships based on bonds condense the diversity of ways of being, feeling and thinking.
This is where our work begins.

At Ångstrom Consulting we are specialists in studying the networks that we all weave together to live.
We work with people in their daily contexts to discover the triggers of their decisions.
Our hybrid analyses study their desires, perspectives and emotions to understand their real needs
We were born as a friendly and close consultancy that reconciles your business with those needs.
We are guided by the UN and European Union Recommendations on Human Rights to design our Solutions.


This work is an interdisciplinary exercise that brings together seemingly unconnected worlds. To reach this proposal of action, the road has been long.

As founding CEO, I graduated in physics and got my PhD in chemistry. I participated in national and international cutting-edge projects in the field of nuclear energy. Sensitive to structural challenges such as the supply to societies and the impact of climate change, I detected the problems of communication between scientists and managers as one of the most difficult intangibles to overcome, and the need to bring together such different worlds to provide the solution to current challenges became strong. To fill the gap I found between technical and humanistic cultures, I graduated in Social Anthropology and got my PhD in Sociology and Anthropology. Studying the forms of political organization of human groups, I discovered the strengths and weaknesses of the devices of intercultural communication. I founded Angstrom Consulting as the space where the team meets to face contemporary challenges that improve the lives of others. With different cultures integrated, hybridizing the organic and the cybernetic is what we propose so that no one is left behind


Anthropologist and Doctor in Sociology and Anthropology (UCM).
Physicist (USC) and Doctor of Chemistry (UCM)
Researcher and University Lecturer
Consultant in Human Rights and Business and
Social Responsibility in AI Algorithms.

Dr. Eduardo Iglesias
Physicist and Anthropologist
Founder CEO


Doctor in Medicine by the UGR and USC Graduated.
Assistant Doctor, Pediatric Rheumatology Unit, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.
Researcher and Teacher in undergraduate and postgraduate courses at UB, SERPE and ERNA-SER.
Author of national and international publications and winner of research grants.
Barcelona’s Official College of Doctors (COMB): 48742.

Dra. Estíbaliz Iglesias
Health Risks and Public Health


Senior Lawyer at Nicastro Law Firm, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In charge of the Labor Risks and Labor Law Area.
Specialist in tax law and money laundering prevention.
Member of the Buenos Aires Bar Association.

Rodrigo Astudillo
Legal and regulatory frameworks


Co-Director of Human Rights Berg institute
Co-Director of the Master in International Protection
of Human Rights, Public Policy and Sustainability at UAX
Editorial Director of HRBI's Human Rights Collections

Dr. Joaquín González
Human Rights


PhD in Humanities in UC3M.
Director of Research and Lecturer in Lateral Psychology.
Assistant Psychologist in the Civil and Criminal Forum of the Judiciary of Salta.
Internship Tutor at the University of Comillas-Madrid.
Member of the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid: M27646.

Dra. Cecilia Márquez
Human Behavior


Researcher and Lecturer at ICMAB, Barcelona.
International specialist in the development of innovative energy technologies.
BBVA and RSEF National New Researcher Award.

Dr. Mariano Campoy
Technological Innovation